'There Is No Wifi In The Forest, But I am Sure You'll Find a Better Connection.'
Are You a Highly Sensitive Person Or a Empath Who Is Dealing With a Narcissists?
And Would You Like To Learn How To Overcome Any Form Of Stress, Anxiety, Depression Or Feelings Of Burn-Out And Experience A Much More Grounded Sense of Inner Peace, Joy, Connection, Purpose And Fulfillment With My 
3 Step Mindfulness Formula?
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What Is Intuitive Life Coaching & Why Should You Do That?
Sharpening Your Intuitive Gifts, Your Inner GPS...
Intuition is not really something that is being taught in school, yet I strongly believe that this is one of the most important abilities people can have. It's that inner knowing that tells you what is right for you!

Intuition is something that we all have but it seems that these senses are being jammed in 'normal society', it's where we are focused on the outside world, perceiving material objects with our first 5 basic senses.

We can all develop our intuition because it's part of who we are, its part of our Higher Self.
What Is The Lower Self vs The Higher Self?
In our body we have energy centers so called Chakras. Each chakra represents a state of consciousness. For example the Red Chakra is the Root Chakra which has everything to do with feeling safe, secure, self trust, trust in others and belonging. When this energy center is unbalanced people can feel that they don't belong or find it difficult to find their place in the world. Money problems can be a result of having a unhealthy Root Chakra.

The sacral (orange chakra) has everything to do with your emotions, creativity and sexuality. Shame, Guilt and Fear could store itself in there and completely block your emotional expression. We still live in a society where many of us are being taught that it's not masculine or tough to express your emotions, therefore we tend to suppress them which could lead to depression, anxiety or even a burn out.

The Solar Plexus (Yellow Chakra) has everything to do with personal empowerment and confidence.  The first three chakra's represent our Lower Self and the majority of the population basically operate from this level in unhealthy ways. 
What Is The Lower Self vs The Higher Self?
The Heart Chakra (Green) represents unconditional love for self, others and the world around us. Having this energy center in balance means you can be centered in inner peace, joy, love and abundance in all your life areas. It's where you will create for the joy of creating and give without expectations. Doing so will give you true fulfillment! 

The Throat Chakra (Blue) is about Self Expression and speaking out your truth. 

The Third Eye (Indigo) is about intuition and vision. Most people will say something like; first I need to see it before I can believe it, powerful creators know that they first need to believe it before they can see it.

The Crown Chakra (Violet) is the energy center that makes you feel connected to the Divine, Source, The Universe or God (Whatever you want to call it). Through this energy center you feel guided and supported, it's where you receive your inspiration and insights.
Raising Your Vibration or Consciousness, What Does That Mean?
As you can see on the image on the left you see that every emotion has a different kind of frequency. It's like what Nikola Tesla once said; 'If you want to understand the Universe think in Vibrations & Frequencies'. 

The average of our collective consciousness on the planet is around the 200. That means we still operate from a fear based, control and manipulative state of consciousness. Our natural state of being, our core essence (our soul) is Unconditional Self Love which has the frequency of 500. To experience more joy, abundance and fulfillment you NEED to bring awareness to the thoughts and emotions that are pulling you down to a very destructive and contracted state of consciousness.
What Are The Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records is basically The Book of Life stored in our Spiritual (5th) Dimension where our time space reality, duality and separation does not exist. It's where all our thoughts, emotions and memories are being stored in a infinite vibrational library. 

We all have connections to this library as this exist in all of us and around us. Developing and working with your Higher Self will eventually give you the ability to access it to the degree that you can handle. It's a place where we have stored our lifetime(s) memories that can still have a influence on us. Your soul is like a lava lamp. It collect pieces of consciousness from different incarnations and creates a brand new being for new incarnations. 

When you can bring awareness to your memories you can then choose to let go and 'archive' it so you can lift up, evolve and grow in consciousness. 

This is the work that we will be doing when we are in nature.
Why In Nature?
Now you might be asking yourself why we are going into the nature and not in a nice and warm indoor space with meditation music and essential oils. Well that is of course also very nice, but working with the energy of nature can speed up your healing process. Like I said before; you will not find any wifi in the forest, but I am sure you'll find a better connection.

People belong in nature, it's where we came from and it's where we feel most connected. However unfortunately we have lost that connection over the last centuries when we 'evolved' in our modern technological society. Personally I found that energies indoors and in cities are more dense then in open outdoor space. Maybe it has to do with my personal interest or connection with Shamanism.
Where Are We Going?
As I live close to Putney/Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park I think it's wise to start from where I live which is in Roehampton. When you choose to walk for only 1 hour with me then we will only stay in the Commons but if you choose to work at least 2 hours with me then we will walk through the Commons into Richmond park. (See the map on the right).
Wimbledon Commonn
(Wimbledon/Putney Common)
(Richmond Park)
Wimbledon Commonn
(Wimbledon/Putney Common)
Putney Heath
What Are We Going To Do?
Step 1; Examination
Step 2; Evaluation
Step 3; Reflect
Who is Jean-Paul Blommaert?
In case you haven't met me or seen any of my video blogs yet then please let me allow me to introduce myself and how I got here. 

I grew up in a small village near the coast in South West Holland called Zierikzee. My upbringing wasn't really that colorful as my parents went through a divorce when I was 10 years old. For some people this could be a normal process but for our family it was a constant battle of control and manipulation. I decided that I wanna to stay with my farther because as a child I already picked up the emotions from my mother that the (her) world is unsafe because of the victim/perpetrator behavior of my farther.

After several escapes and runaways from my mothers place my farther decided to get a lawyer in order to win the custody over me. My first case in courthouse was when I was 11,5 years old and the second when I was 12. Eventually we 'won' but only under a child protection scheme. 

Because of the emotional overwhelm I started smoking when I was 12, working when I was 14 and hanging in bars and getting drunk 2-3 times a week. 

When I was 16 years old I worked 60 hours a week in a local restaurant which was a great escape and distraction for me. Between my age of 17-20 I worked for a local Mercedes-Benz company assisting customers at a car-wash. From that age I got inspired with entrepreneurship!
At my age of 20 years old I started my first business as a part-time activity. After my college graduation in Shipping and Logistics I sold my car cleaning equipment and applied for a corporate job. 

From that moment I started to struggle with depression. 13 months later I have quit the corporate world. I thought if I only would have a online business and have financial freedom then everything would be fine, but it wasn't. After making 5 figures a month, in 2012/2013 and living as a digital nomad I was still feeling empty, bored and unfulfilled. I was completely burned out!

During that time I also started to attend spiritual healing workshops and what I started to experience is what I will explain in the video on the left.

From 2012/2013 my spiritual development process came in a fast lane. For many years my logical egocentric survival mind resisted this whole idea of being a empath and spiritual gifted person.  However slowly bit by bit I started to notice how connected I became with my guides and I didn't cost me any energy, it gave me energy! In matter of fact all other work I was so familiar with became a HUGE energy drainer for me. 

I have to thank my mother (who is a body mind language coach) that I continued my spiritual practice after we discovered what I was able to channel for her when we were enjoying a beautiful day in Kew Gardens. Basically 'I' am not doing anything, I just work as a transmitter or channel-er of the Cosmic Healing Energy that is available for all of us! Since the last years in London I started to develop myself in different healing forms such as Ancestral Healing (Shamanism) and Reiki Healing.
Ready To Enjoy a Nice Walk In The Park?
I understand when you have some sort of expectations. Our logical mind needs to have guarantees. It is used to do things that the ego is most familiar with. Working with your Higher Self will open doors you didn't know existed and can lead you into roads of the unknown. Your Higher Self knows what you need in order to move forward. Not me... I am just holding a mirror in front of you so you can learn to 'Step Above' the stories you're telling yourself and embrace the bigger picture that is available for you.
Any questions?
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